Customs Procedure Information

The customs procedure explained 

Order collected

Your order has been successfully collected by the logistics carrier.

In transit

The goods are now on its way to the country of destination.

Customs declaration

Once the goods have arrived in the country of destination, goods must be declared.

Carrier contacts you

To clear the goods through customs the carrier commissioned by us will  contact you.

To successfully clear your goods through customs the carrier commissioned by us will contact you with the following options:

Option 1  -  Clearance commissioned by Customs Broker  
Your chosen customs broker will complete the customs clearance procedure.

Option 2  -  Clearance commissioned by  Carrier
The commissioned carrier should complete the customs clearance procedure on your behalf.

In case you do not have a customs broker, we recommend that you carry out the customs clearance procedure with the carrier commissioned by us. 
Any additional costs / fees you may incur during the customs clearance procedure are not covered by PATCHBOX GmbH as stated in our terms and conditions.

Have further questions on the customs procedure?      

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