🎉💻🙏 International Programmers' Day - 07.01.2021
7 January, 2021 by
🎉💻🙏 International Programmers' Day - 07.01.2021
PATCHBOX GmbH, Karl Deitch-Sedlacek

International Programmers' Day celebrates the impact that programmers make to improve the quality of our lives. It is usually held on January 7th, but also celebrated on 13th of September, or on the 12th in leap years. The date coincides with the 256th day of the year. 

Otherwise called Day Of The Programmer, this day is celebrated on the 256 day of the year as the number 256 is so distinct and recognizable to software engineers. 

The day honors software engineers the world over. The world becoming ever more technology orientated we all benefit from the tools of the programmer. Whether logistics, finance or healthcare, to name just a few, without the software we couldn't drive development and progress as we know it. Nearly all businesses require persistent maintenance of their infrastructure for safety, security and growth.

How to observe International Programmers' Day

Pay tribute to programmers in your network and share your knowledge of programming. Technology has enriched our lives with greater convenience, access to information, and thereby revolutionised our lives completely. Although many of us are now familiar with using technology, many of us would not know how to build and maintain a server or programm the apps all of us are reliant upon. As a result careers continue to grow in every area of this sector.

  • Develop your programming skills - build an app!

  • Learn more on programming and develop your skills.

  • If you already have the skills, teach someone interested in programming. 

  • Share some quirky programming jokes! 

  • Show your appreciation using #DayoftheProgrammer.

International Programmers' Day - History

The International Programmers Day was first celebrated in the year 2009. Russian programmers Valentin Balt and Michael Cherviakov of Parallel Technologies proposed the day in 2007. In mid-2002, they attempted to assemble signatures for an appeal to the Russian government to perceive the day as the official International Programmers' Day. It wasn't until July 24, 2009 the Russia Ministry of Communications and Mass Media had issued a draft of an executive order and made it an official holiday.

🎉💻🙏 International Programmers' Day - 07.01.2021
PATCHBOX GmbH, Karl Deitch-Sedlacek
7 January, 2021
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