Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators Award
26 September, 2017 by

Going for Gold - Cabling Industry Award

We are proud to be winners of the Gold Award by Cabling Installation & Maintenance Innovators from Cabling Install. This is a great honor for us and validates all our hard work for coming up with a innovative solution for network cabinet cabling.


What are the cabling installation awards?

In their own words this is what the award is all about: “This program was developed to recognise the most-innovative cabling and communications technology products and systems within the structured cabling industry.”

Here is a little bit more background information, these Awards are deemed highly prestigious in our industry and companies like Cisco, CommScope, Fluke, and Pentair have been recipients in the past so we sit in good company.


A Word from our Founders

“It is great to get honoured by our industry as one of the most innovative products on the market. As we are serving guys ourselves we understood the pain of cabling and maintenance, therefore it was easy for us to imagine what could improve our lives. Turning that imagination into a physical product has been a great journey and product design is a never-ending process. We already have new innovations in the pipeline that we are sure will benefit the entire industry.” - Alexander Geng


Going to Vegas

The award show was hosted in a place called Las Vegas, you may have heard of it. We thought long and hard for 10 second about if we were going to accept the award in person. Needless to say, flights were booked and bags were packed for us to head over there and enjoy the bright lights.
Startups are generally blood, sweat and tears but we understand that you have to celebrate the wins and that is what we did.

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26 September, 2017
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