10 times faster maintenance - how is that even possible?
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You have probably heard or read that the PATCHBOX® allows you to do maintenance work on network cabinets 10 times faster than with conventional patch cords and cable management. Today we would like to give you a deeper insight into the logic that PATCHBOX® brings to network admins worldwide and how you can benefit from doing it the PATCHBOX® way.

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Let’s begin with the basics: the PATCHBOX® has 24 Cassettes with 24 patch cords. So you will get a total of 48 ports due to the two connectors of each patch cord.
You optimally place the PATCHBOX®, like in the picture to the right, under or above a switch. If you have a 48-port switch you need one PATCHBOX® above and one underneath.
This is where the logic and magic begins: each switch port is physically assigned to the same number of Cassette in the PATCHBOX®.

So, port one on your switch is connected to Cassette number one and port number 13 on the switch is connected to Cassette number 13 in your PATCHBOX® and so on. What you end up with is beauty in its purest form, at least for a network cabling solution.

If you have a 24 port switch in use, the first 12 cables of the PATCHBOX® should be guided to the Patchcatch on the left, the next 12 cables should be guided to the Patchcatch on the right. This might need you to rethink your switch config’s but believe me, it is gonna be worth it. Using a 48 port switch you will have the patch cords from the top PATCHBOX® connected to the first row of ports on your switch and the PATCHBOX® below to the second row of ports.

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Now you need to connect the patch panels. Again try to cover patch panel ports 1-12 from the left and 13-24 from the right.

You now can imagine your cabinet divided in quarters: a top left, a top right, a bottom left and a bottom right quarter. Each quarter is served from the same quarter, try not to have any cross overs into another quarter. The GIF to the left shows you the principle of it.

If someone now tells you either a switch port or a patch panel port, it doesn’t matter, you can tell from 10 meters away in which quarter the connection is, therefore on which switch it is connected and break down an error to a handful of ports. No more need to search for faults fighting through cable spaghetti - beating it with pure logic that you soon know by heart.


Now you can find issues super easy and in case a switch breaks down you don’t even need to go there yourself anymore to replace it. There is not even a documentation needed to be able to get the right connections going again. Due to the 1:1 logic with ports on the switch and Cassettes in the PATCHBOX®, a person on site only needs to be able to unplug everything, use a screwdriver to unmount the switch and replace it with the new one. Last but not least the person has to connect the first patch cord to the port number one and so on - done.


No more need for expensive IT personnel on site to replace a switch and this in a tenth of the time. Watch our video proof comparing conventional vs. the PATCHBOX®.

The PATCHBOX® not only allows you a much faster installation compared to any other products on the market it also allows you to have untrained personnel assist you on site without getting fear of them breaking everything. Plus you will have the nicest and neatest possible cabling in your cabinet making everyone seeing it think you’re a genius.

18 October, 2017
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